The Company

The Company

MR PHARMA MR PHARMA is a leading pharmaceutical company in the production of medicines..

It provides support to other companies in the national and international pharmaceutical market for the development and elaboration of products in the form of ampoules, liquid and lyophilized vials, pre-filled syringes, Uniject® devices and solids.

MR Pharma has a wide range of services in the manufacture of medicinal specialties in which its participation varies according to customer requirements; being able to carry out from the elaboration and aseptic filling (injectables), compression (solids), visual inspection, labeling and packing until the final approval of the product including quality analysis of supplies.

Based on its development platform, MR Pharma continues to expand its client portfolio globally.
The quality of our services and products, and the new business initiatives make the company a solid platform to carry out new agreements with suppliers, distributors, commercial agents and government orders, at the national and international level.
The development of the export market integrates one of the commercial priorities, therefore, our customers arrive with their products to different countries, for example Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, China , Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Yemen, Palestine, Jordan, Australia, Morocco, Egypt, Syria.



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(B1667JHM) Tortuguitas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: +54 (3327) 445858

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