MR PHARMA is a leader in the development of products for third parties and also has its own elaboration of the following products:

Product Presentation Pharmaceutical Form Active Principle Therapeutic Action
DALMONAR® Vial Liposomal Dispersion Injection Liposomal Doxorubicin Hydrochloride Antineoplastic Agent
REMICIT ® Vial Lyophilized InjectableRemifentanil hydrochloride Last Generation Anaesthetic
UNIMEX® AmpouleInjectable solution Noretisterone enanthate + Estradiol valerate Monthly contraceptive

 The company conducts an active search of clients in the international pharmaceutical market to arrange agreements for the commercialization of its own molecules.

Products available for registration abroad:

Zoledronic Acid Lyophilized
Atracurium 10 mg Injectable solution
Azithromycin 500 mg Lyophilized
Betamethasone acetate + betamethasone phosphate Injectable suspension
Betamethasone dipropionate + Betamethasone disodium phosphate
Injectable suspension
Betamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injectable solution
Clarithromycin 500 mg Lyophilized
Dexamethasone Injectable suspension
Dexamethasone Phosphate + Acetate Injectable suspension
Doxorubicin (Pegylated Liposomal) 50mg Liposomal Dispersion
Erythropoietin 1000, 2000, 4000 and 10000 IU Lyophilized and Injectable solution
Leucovorine 50 mg Lyophilized
Mesna 200 mg and 400 mg Injectable solution
Norestisterone 50 mg + Estradiol Valerate 5 mg Injectable suspension
Omeprazole 40mg Lyophilized
Ondansetron 4 mg and 8 mg Injectable solution
Pancuronium 4 mg / 2ml Injectable solution
Remifentanil 1 mg, 2 mg and 5 mg Lyophilized
Vecuronium 4 mg/ml Lyophilized


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